Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to the Grand Ole' Party

Why do I often favor the republican party? Because unlike their democratic counterparts, everything isn't about fairness, freedom, and equal opportunity, it's about common sense. What am I talking about? I'm talking about what I would consider the foundations of a republican party member.

1. Fiscally conservative: realizing that operating under a deficit or an extremely unbalanced budget never produces positive results.

2. Socially conservative: doing what's right for the largest pool of people is always the best option

3. Neoconservative: bringing democracy and human rights to the countries we assist, not just invading and attacking them

4. Free market money: understanding the idea of individual achievement and it's importance in the overall economy

5. Reaganomics: understanding that a reduction in government spending would increase economic spending (no more tall-taxing)

6. Gradual change: a minimal, gradual change in the social, economical, and political landscape often leads to larger gains in the long run

A lot of individuals have challenged president Obama and his status as a democratic president. In my opinion, you need more than a party favor to form an opinion. I tend to fall more in line with those that critique president Obama on his progress thus far rather than his political party affiliation. One critic states,
"what a president can do is to challenge the ideas of the powerful and rally those who have become aware that the current system is destructive to the future of the planet. What president Obama has failed to do is the one thing he promised to do: to speak the truth and tell us and the country what really happens in the corridors of power and what the constraints are that he is facing."
If there is in fact a change, a hope that we can one day be equal under an unbalanced budget, as an organized group of tall-taxed citizens that attacks countries and takes no prisoners, then by all means, sign me up. Until then, I'll remain (at least partially) my allegiance to the Grand Ole' Party. But hell, who knows, I still think I'm joining the tea party.

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